No Sleeper Coaches will be Added in Durg – Hazrat Nizamuddin Humsafar Express

No Sleeper Coaches will be Added in Durg - Hazrat Nizamuddin Humsafar ExpressNo Sleeper Coaches will be Added in Durg - Hazrat Nizamuddin Humsafar Express

The plan to add Sleeper Coaches to the Fully Air-Conditioned Humsafar Express, which facility is going to be available for passengers going to Delhi from Durg has been stopped due to strange logic. Railways had given instructions to add Sleeper Coaches with 3AC in Humsafar Express Fleet running in Indian Railways. This change has been done in many Humsafar, but for the Humsafar Express from Durg, the Allahabad Zone stuck a strange hurdle. Zone argued that as soon as the train entered to Allahabad Zone, the speed of trains will be 130 km per hour. Sleeper coaches of Humsafar will not be able to withstand this speed, therefore it cannot be allowed. Apparently, after this argument, the railways has stopped the plan to add Sleeper Coaches in Chhattisgarh Humsafar.

The Humsafar Express running between Durg to Hazrat Nizamuddin via Raipur, Uslapur, Shahdol, Damoh, Saugor, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra Cantt and Mathura in the North Central Railway of Allahabad Zone. Here the train can run only when the zone will allow. Due to Zone’s refusal, the plan has stopped. Significantly, Humsafar Express runs only with 3AC coaches. There is no Sleeper Class in it. The train is running at a huge loss, so the Railways decided to add Sleeper Coaches to the Humsafar Express Fleet running across the country from this month.

Durg – Hazrat Nizamuddin Humsafar operates with 18 Third AC coaches. There is a plan to add four Sleeper Coaches. A Sleeper Coach of LHB has 80 berths instead of 72. Adding four coaches would give 320 additional berths in the Humsafar from Chhattisgarh to Delhi twice a week. This will benefit a lot because all the trains on the Delhi route are fully packed.

The Allahabad Zone opposed the installation of Sleeper coach in the Humsafar based on the speed of 130, but when the Our team examined the Sleeper coach of LHB, it was found that this coach can withstand speed up to 160 km. For this, the team reviewed the LHB coach of Puri-LTT Superfast on Wednesday afternoon at 12.40 pm. All coaches of this train are LHB. Complete information is stated in the back of its sleeper coach. This coach clearly states that this sleeper is also capable of withstanding the speed 160kmph. Many railway officials also disagree with the argument of the Allahabad Zone. However, this protest is currently verbal.

In Humsafar Express, 50 percent of seats are running vacant due to a dynamic fair system, now railway is going to remove this system. The new system being built, it will be implemented by the end of this month. After this, passengers will have to pay the same fare for all berths. The Tatkal ticket system has also been made like normal trains.

North Central Railway has made safety on the basis of 130 kmph speed. Since the train passes through the zone and division, coaches cannot be added without permission. So Sleeper Coach not added to Humsafar Express. Tanmay Mukhopadhyay, Sr. DCM Raipur

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